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Just In! Don’t be a Victim of the Great Training Heist

September 11th, 2019













What’s hot?      

Developing the next generation of leaders is the third highest internal concern for CEOs and other C-suite executives*

So what?            

About two million people are promoted into leadership positions each year and 60% percent of them fail in some way. That’s 1.2 million failures for first-time leaders. According to McKinsey & Company, almost $14 billion is spent on leadership development programs every year.  If it is not robbery it is, at the very least, a poor investment.

What to do?     

Here are three often neglected ways to guarantee an ROI on your leadership development programs.

1. Engage your most senior executives to:

  • Identify the specific skills required to achieve your corporate objectives.
  • Commit to a list of concrete, observable actions that they will take to demonstrate their support for the participant’s development.
  • Develop the metrics you will use to assess results.
  1. Meet with those who report to the senior executives (i.e. those who will participate in the development program) to develop specific, verifiable learning objectives that will enable them to achieve corporate goals.
  1. Engage program designers to ensure:
  • The experience is sensitive to participant’s time crunched schedules.
  • Hands-on, experiential activities are seen as meaningful.
  • The program includes business simulations that require cross-functional collaboration and complex, agile thinking skills.
  • New skills are practiced immediately and followed with feedback.
  • Participants have access to experienced coaches who can demonstrate, challenge and support on-the-job leadership behaviors.

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