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July 15th, 2020








What’s hot?     

At least 2/3 of employees currently working at home do NOT want to go back to working in the office.  They’ve experienced the freedom of working in pajamas, managing their down or non-meeting time without interruption, saved wardrobe and travel money and time, and are maximizing productivity.  Our guess: an even greater percentage would opt out of the office if they had access to daycare and/or schools were open – and didn’t have to split daytime duties between work and children.

So what?          

Today and tomorrow’s managers will be working with a blended workforce – some home, some in the office, some moving between the two at their convenience, and some having the chance to flex their schedule to adjust to the demands of home. Add to that an increased reliance on technology to enable communication and connection – and a reliance on gig workers to do jobs that were once full-time but do not require 40 hours in the new workplace.    

What to do?       

Our latest research highlights 5 crucial requirements of leaders at every level.  Each is listed below with a simple question that managers can ask their teams in order to start making a difference right now.

  • How to have better conversations, more effective meetings, and do a better job problem-solving and decision-making in the remote and/or blended environment.
    Ask: What one thing would enable us to do a better job communicating, meeting, solving problems and making decisions in the current environment?
  • How to provide consistent, clear communication (strategic, operational, tactical and interpersonal) to a disperse audience working flex hours, both off and onsite, with different levels of availability in a fluid work environment with continually shifting needs
    Ask: Where do I need to do a better job keeping you in the know?
  • How to build and maintain motivation, discipline, accountability and a strong results orientation in self and others
    Ask: If you were me, what one thing would you do to ensure that our team fires on all cylinders?
  • How to master the empathy and human-relations skills needed to address the safety, health, and emotional needs of others?
    Ask: Times are tough and I know you are juggling a lot and adjusting to a lot at the office (and maybe at home as well), what do I need to know or do to make it easier for you?
  • How to be agile and create a sense of urgency in order to innovate, risk and fail, and provide the speedy responsiveness clients and stakeholders have come to expect.
    Ask: We were quick to respond to when the pandemic hit, what do we need to do to continue to operate with the innovation and speed that we did then?

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