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Just In! Conflict Resolution Skills Save Sanity and Money

November 4th, 2020

What’s hot?

Remote work has caused an increase in e-mails, text, digital and messaging platforms such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Workzone and countless others aimed at resolving the natural conflict that arises in the workplace.










So what?                

Impolite or rude emails impact employee productivity and can cause insomnia and ongoing negative feelings*.

What to do?  

Ensure that employees – top-level to front-line – follow guidelines for conflict resolution such as:

  1. Avoid using e-mail to make those with different opinions wrong or to make them admit it.
  2. Instead of sending a digital message, resolve conflict with a conversation (via phone/zoom/skype, etc.) where you can observe the other’s non-verbal reactions and behavior.
  3. Be prepared to acknowledge how you feel about the situation (concerned, disappointed, frustrated) and to hear how the other feels.
  4. Stay calm – avoid an immediate reaction and give yourself time to think about resolutions that meet mutual interests.
  5. When you can’t speak immediately, let the other person know and convey when you will be available to talk.

*University of Illinois research published in The Journal of Occupational Psychology, Zhenyi Yuen, author.

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