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Just In! The breaking point

May 20th, 2020

What’s hot?     

People are done. You can see it as they protest in the streets, crowd the bars and become more vocal about the struggle to work from home while balancing a multitude of demands (family, work, social isolation).














So what?          

It’s been said that 40 days is all we can take. It’s at the root of the word quarantine – a mandatory 40-day period where you sit and wait (whether on an ark with other animals or in a port with others from your infected area of origin).

We are here, roughly 40 days in.  You can sense it.  Emails go unread and response times are slow or nonexistent.  You read it in moving poetic prose as parents take to social media to explain how their worlds – while falling apart and sparking anger and thoughts of incompetence – are also setting them free.  We are all in a place struggling to make sense of a world that is falling apart at our feet.  It can be a wondrous space, a liminal place, from which new worlds, ideas, concepts and ways of being are born.  It is the place where we experience deep and lasting change.


What to do?   

  1. Let go and listen. Avoidance keeps the deep emotional angst at bay but also keeps potential in the dark.  Recognition of where you are with all the emotional undertones actually lessens the grip of fear, isolation, self-pity…whatever.
  2. Let go of the desire to fix, go back to the old way or force the new way. It’s in the frightening silence, while we are alone and afraid, that new ideas and the sparks of creation form.
  3. Trust that the more you see the new you, envision other ways, and experiment with new futures the more you ready yourself for what’s next and prepare for the future yet to come.
  4. Join us and interested others as we envision new ways to make a difference, work, serve and lead in the times ahead. Message or email me for details about upcoming Discover the Future discussions to help us collectively narrate, capture and create the future.

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  1. Janice

    June 29, 2020

    Forty days on an ark is sounding pretty good right now!

    I am focusing on the election/looking forward/being optimistic.

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