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Just In! How to Become a Great Leader When You Haven’t Had the Opportunity to Lead

May 24th, 2018

What’s hot?

The days of looking up the organization for someone to develop you are on the wane.

So what?

Even if your company doesn’t offer development programs, there are always opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills according to Libby Gill, author of “The Hope-Driven Leader.”






What to do?

Gill suggests four practices:

  1. Be more mindful in making decisions about your relationships, finances, health, or other areas that matter in your life. Think deeply about what you’re doing and make intentional decisions that serve your own best interests and those of others who matter in your life.
  2. Build a broad, diverse network. Get involved in your community, in professional associations and get acquainted with a wide array of different people with different experience and backgrounds. It expands your thinking and teaches you more about yourself.
  3. Tune In. Cultivate deep listening. “Put your gadgets away, look people in the eye, nod, listen, reflect what they have to say so they know, not only that you’ve heard them, but that you’ve understood them,” says Gill. One of the things that most often derails careers is not lack of technical competence, but the way in which leaders relate to other people.
  4. Step up to opportunities to lead. Volunteer for assignments that you know will stretch and challenge you. Don’t back away from the “dark and dirty” project that others fear.  Remind yourself that leading from behind can get you ahead.

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