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April 7th, 2021

What’s hot?      

According to O.C. Tanner Institute surveys, organizations that had layoffs or furloughs during the worst of the COVID pandemic suffered a significant setback in terms of employee performance.

So what?       

Those organizations experienced a:

  • 91% decline in employee Net Promoter Score (a measure of employee loyalty)
  • 57% increase in disengagement
  • 42% increase in a tense workplace atmosphere
  • 75% increase in feeling like the organization was underprepared

What to do?      













Brush up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – specifically social needs (the need for love, belonging and inclusion) and ego needs (the need for self-esteem, recognition, power and prestige).

  1. Ask your team members for their ideas and opinions and really listen
  2. Find ways to promote a sense of belonging through inclusion in planning discussions, team events and special one-on-one time
  3. Acknowledge individual efforts/contributions to the individual, the team and the individual’s family (they play a huge role in the productivity of remote workers)
  4. Keep everyone informed of new initiatives early in the process
  5. Tap into the power of recognition: it is the one endless resource over which you have complete control.

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