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Just In! 60% of new managers fail in the first two years

July 11th, 2019

What’s hot?

Imagine a 60% failure rate. Three days out of five your transportation into work would not be operable.  O.l. .6 .e..e.s .. a .8 ..t.e. .e.t ..u.d ..p.a  (Only 16 letters of a 39 letter text would appear). Only 4 in 10 of your employees would be able to do their jobs.  Unacceptable!  Right?







According to a recent CEB study, 60% of new managers fail within the first two years.  That’s an abhorrent success rate.

So what?

The needs and challenges facing new supervisors are many.  The Blanchard Group catalogued 146 of them! That’s far more than can be addressed with an Onboarding program or Supervisor 101 training.

What to do?

  1. Take a hard look at what you do to ensure the success of new managers.
  2. Ask supervisors that have made it to the two-year mark what they wish they had when they first became managers.
  3. While the skills and needs of new supervisors are many, the capacity to communicate is critical. Research by Interact Harris reveals the following shortfalls of new supervisors:
  • 63% don’t recognize employee achievements
  • 57% don’t provide clear directions
  • 52% don’t have time to meet with employees
  • 51% simply don’t communicate with subordinates
  • 39% don’t provide constructive feedback

Determine what more you need to do to make sure your new supervisors don’t typify these findings!

Give your supervisors the help they need from day one with “Stepping Up to Supervision” a unique, powerful, action-oriented three-month process that results in a high success rate.  New managers engage in microlearning lessons that build the communication skills, confidence and competence necessary for on-the-job application. And, their transition is supported by expert advice and  group coaching.  A new session starts each month. Register your new supervisors here.

Learn more about the challenges of new supervisor here.

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